Tapio Litmanen

Dear visitor, this site is home to a group called STEER research group focussed on Science, Technology, Environment and Energy. STEER is a joint project of Dept. of Social Sciences and Philosophy (Univ. of Jyväskylä) and Dept. of Political Science and International Relations (Univ. of Tampere) focussed on social scientific research, e.g., on energy policy, nuclear power and nuclear waste issues. Currently the members of the research group are Tapio Litmanen (JYU), Matti Kojo (TaY), Miikka Salo (JYU) Mika Kari (JYU), Tuija Jartti (JYU), Anna Nurmi (JYU). From here you can find some recent publications of the research group. Contacts: Tapio Litmanen, Dept. of Social Sciences and Philosophy, E-mail: firstname.surname(at)jyu.fi

Tämä kansio on tyhjä.