Nordic Muscle Tendon Network

The Nordic Muscle Tendon Network is a group of scientists whose interests lie in the field of muscle-tendon mechanics. The network began in 2013, thanks to a grant from Nordplus. Since then, the network has held several meetings, the aim of which was to first develop and then deliver a one day symposium for Master's level students. To date, the symposium has been run in Copenhagen (in June 2014) and Stockholm (in November 2014), with further dates scheduled for 2015.


In addition to its main educational aims, the network provides the scientist members with an opportunity to discuss and develop new research ideas. The first publication from this group came in November 2014, and can be accessed here.


Full reference:

Ultrasound-Based Testing Of Tendon Mechanical Properties: A Critical Evaluation.

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Some of the NMTN members at the November 2014 symposium at GIH in Stockholm. From left to right: Jens Bojsen-Møller, Taija Finni, Neil Cronin, Toni Arndt, Olivier Seynnes, Tine Alkjaer, Kirsten Albracht, Per Aagaard.




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